The Silent Siege

“Lay siege against it, build a siege wall against it… Set your face against it, and it shall be besieged, and you shall lay siege against it. This will be a sign.” (Ez 4:2-3 NKJV)

It's not a protest. It's a prayer meeting.

A Silent Siege is just this—a stand in silent prayer on behalf of a nation that is aborting its children. We are standing in agreement with Jesus, the Great Intercessor, concerning the holocaust of abortion.

The Silent Siege began in October 2004. It came as the result of a dream from God received during a time of extended fasting for the ending of abortion. In the dream, seas of people gathered in DC. Their mouths were covered with tape with the word LIFE written on it.


We believe the Life Tape is a divine strategy from the Lord to both mobilize a massive movement of prayer and also to be a faithful witness to the nation. Nearly every media news source has taken hold of the image of the Life Tape and spread it everywhere. It has become a phenomenon that catches the eyes and hearts of the world. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words. Political leaders and public policy have been directly impacted. Young women seeking abortions have experienced the love of God and chosen not to abort their babies. 

Laws are changing, and lives are being saved.

When LIFE is written on a piece of red tape and placed over our mouths, we are identifying with the silence of the pre-born who have no voice to defend themselves. In that place of weakness, prayerlessness is no longer an option. Hearts become tender and broken toward this unthinkable tragedy. A sense of urgency grows within.

We make our appeal to the Judge of the earth and ask Him for speedy justice to be released (Lk 18:7-8). It has become a powerful witness that God is using to “subpoena the conscience of the nation.”



Sustained intercession is changing lives

What could happen if every church would rise up in prayer and stand in the authority of Christ against the spiritual forces of darkness that are seeking to destroy a generation in the womb?

You can become a voice for the voiceless by finding a local Bound4LIFE Chapter near you, or learning how to start your own.