The Life Band

The red Life Band that we wear is not a fad or a fashion statement. In fact, it is an outward marking of an internal conviction. We wear this band in unity and as a reminder of a solemn commitment that we have made—a lifestyle that we have entered into willingly.

Before we tell you any more about this commitment, you must know how the Life Band got started.

During the early days of the first Silent Sieges in Washington, DC, a young man approached founder Lou Engle and said, 

“You know, if you were to take this life tape and turn it into a wristband like the Livestrong bands, we could start a Martin Luther King, Jr. movement to end abortion like they did in Birmingham, Alabama to end segregation.”

It was a great idea, but was it a God idea? Not wanting to presume anything, Lou waited and asked the Lord for confirmation.

The next day a different young man we did not know came by the Supreme Court and saw the Life Tape. He said, 

“You know, if you turned this life tape into wristbands like the Livestrong bands, I would take them back to my hometown Birmingham and start a Martin Luther King, Jr. movement to end abortion.” 

Lou and the team were suddenly gripped by the idea of millions of people wearing the Life Band and praying daily for the ending of abortion. The following day, a benefactor wrote a check to pay for the first order of Life Bands. A mobilization tool was born.


The Life Band Commitment developed out of a great desire to see the body of Christ make a deliberate, unified effort to work towards the ending abortion. The covenant has three parts—PRAY, VOTE and OBEY. Bound4LIFE invites you to get a Life Band and make this solemn commitment.


By wearing this band we commit to pray daily for the ending of abortion. God has given us a simple 22-word prayer to replace the one removed from public schools in 1962. Read the Life Band Prayer below.


By wearing this band we are making a commitment to vote for candidates who are pro-life. We cannot pray for abortion to end and still promote those who support it.

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By wearing this band we are making a commitment to obey God as He leads us into works of compassion and justice. We must always be willing to be the answer to our own prayers.

The Life Band Prayer

“Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.” 

Our vision is to mobilize millions of people lifting up this prayer. Join the movement and help mobilize a massive surge of prayer and activism to end abortion.