Bound4LIFE is entering into a strategic partnership with Awaken the Dawn’s Tent America, a movement of worship and prayer at all 50 state capitals.

In advance of Tent America 2019, Bound4LIFE is launching the Red Rider Tour. The Red Rider Tour will mobilize wide-spread prayer and intercession for the ending of abortion, the sending of revival, and the shifting of America to a culture of LIFE.

The Red Rider Tour 2019 in partnership with Tent America

By the mid-nineteenth century, America was divided on the issue of slavery. Widespread and historic awakenings had made a dramatic impact on the nation. Hearts had turned, public sentiment had changed, and revival had set the stage for everyone both to survive the Civil War and to end slavery in 1865.

Brave abolitionists spoke truth in the public square and mobilized God’s people to stand against injustice. Among them were the circuit riders, who preached messages that set slaves free. Bishop Frances Asbury observed a spiritual connection between experiencing revival and tolerating evils of slavery.

In his journal, he wrote, “I find the more pious part of the people called Quakers, are exerting themselves for the liberation of the slaves. This is a very laudable design; and what the Methodists must come to, or, I fear, the Lord will depart from them.”

Thank God for the faithful men and women who moved the nation toward righteousness. Just as the ending of slavery was the litmus test for past great awakenings, so the ending of abortion will be the true test for the next great awakening in our generation.

Recently, Cindy Jacobs gave a powerful prophetic word to JHOP DC and Bound4LIFE. She told us, “The Lord says I am going to give you strength in all 50 states. I’m going to give you strength at all the capitals. This [abortion] spirit will not be able to jump from place to place. I literally see a strike where God will give you people in all 50 states to do a siege.”

In response to that prophetic word, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Tent America, which is a movement of prayer and worship at all 50 state capitals and on college campuses.

Through this partnership, we are mobilizing widespread prayer and intercession for the ending of abortion and sending of revival to shift America to a culture of LIFE.

In advance of the Tent America event (October 17-19, 2019), we are launching the Red Rider Tour to mobilize the body of Christ across America to lift up a united cry of intercession from these tent revival meetings at every state capitol during Tent America 2019.

The Red Rider Tour will inspire, teach, and equip leaders across the nation. This nine-city tour will reach people of influence in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, and Utah. We desire to reach all 50 state capitols and see revival and reformation! Find a tour stop near you and sign up for updates below.



Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, charmed the African American community’s most distinguished leaders into embracing the concepts of birth control, abortion, and sterilization. She was very clever in how she sought to promote her ideals of eugenics and white supremacy. Sanger’s My Plan for Peace emerged, which encouraged dealing with the “dysgenic population” through forced sterilization and mandatory segregation.

As her organization grew, Sanger targeted minority groups by setting up clinics in their neighborhoods. She aggressively promoted an agenda to reduce the number of undesirable people, whom she considered to be human weeds. Sanger recognized that African Americans were largely religious people, and she believed their ministers could be useful in getting their congregations to accept her ideas. Sanger sought to co-sponsor tent revivals in an attempt to reduce the black population. In some cases, this was done in partnership with white-led churches.

Sanger’s tents were set up with the revival tents, and African Americans were herded in and counseled on the benefits of sterilization and birth limitation. “We weren’t even allowed to go into the revival meeting itself until we’d listened to their whole spiel. Our family never went to church again. Not any church, black or white. Mamma didn’t want to have anything to do with a faith that could sanction things like that,” recalled Lettie Perkins, a black woman who attended.

Margaret Sanger once sought to hijack the tent revival with her racist agenda, but we want to raise up prayer for the ending of abortion in conjunction with Tent America 2019. The Red Rider Tour 2019 is an opportunity to reverse that unholy alliance. You can support this effort by clicking Give Now below.


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