How to Do a Silent Siege

A Silent siege is pretty simple. here’s the nuts and bolts of it.

brief your team to pray

  1. Gather beforehand to discuss with the team any insights or specific prayer or specific prayer targets for the day.

  2. Choose a Spokesperson that can answer questions from passersby or the media. The Spokesperson should be a good communicator and familiar with the mission and history of Bound4LIFE. It’s a good idea for them to be well-versed about the location being sieged also.

  3. Make LIFE tape and pass it out to everyone on the team who will be sieging. Simply write the word “LIFE” in capital letters with a chisel-tip sharpie marker. Avoid any desire to create extra messages for people to see. The vision is simple and specific.

stand and siege

  1. Stand side-by-side facing the building you are sieging. Your bodies will literally create a “wall,” but be sure not to block public access areas or handicap ramps. It doesn’t matter how many participate in the siege. You can make a wall out of 100 people or only 2.

  2. Start praying! Remember you are not just standing in silence. You are identifying with the preborn that have no voice of their own. You are not relying on having your voice heard by others as a form of protest. Your focus is to be heard in Heaven.

DEBRIEF, take communion, pray the life band prayer

  1. Gather together again after your siege is over. The Chapter/Siege Leader should direct this time. Take a few minutes to let the team share any insights or scripture received during the siege. Take communion together. Pray the band prayer together out loud. Save your used LIFE tape by sticking them all together into a ball and add to that same ball and add to that same ball each time. These will become memorial stones of your intercession. If there are newcomers, be sure to explain the process step by step.

  2. Leave the site like it was when you arrived. Make sure nothing is left behind and all trash is picked up.

  3. Leave encouraged. Your prayers have been added to all those that have gone before you. Remember the persistent widow (Lk 18:7) and that you are filling bowls in Heaven (Rev 5:8).

That’s it. We encourage Bound4LIFE Chapters to siege as often as possible. And remember, it’s not a protest. It’s a prayer meeting.