Helpful Hints


  • Court houses. It can be Local, State, or Federal.

  • Abortion clinics. If you are having trouble locating an abortion center near you, consult with a local Crisis Pregnancy Center. We are more than happy to help too. Contact us.

life tape

  • The main idea is to think strategically. Find out when key legislation or cases are happening that will affect your city, state, or at a national level. For example: Organize your siege at a time when legislators are voting or court cases are being argued.

  • Research when the high-traffic times occur at your local abortion clinics. Most clinics do not do abortions every day of the week. You may want to be there during busy times, but that’s not necessary.

  • You are organizing a prayer meeting that doesn’t depend on being seen. Some sieges occur during hours that clinics are closed for business. Discuss this and prayer with your team for direction.

  • Weekend times make it easy for more people to get involved in regular, recurring sieges.

the spokesperson

  • Red LIFE tape. Make sure to use red “stucco” tape. We suggest purchasing LIFE tape from our store. We’ve researched different options and have chosen the tape we find best and most comfortable, as some tapes are excessively sticky or have a strong glue smell. Do not use red duct tape.

  • Black chisel-tip markers. The thick chisel-tipped “Sharpie” version is preferred because it enable writing in a thick legible stroke. Try to make it as bold and readable as possible.

  • LIFE Bands. These are the simple tool God has given us to mobilize daily prayer. Life bands are available at our website and can be ordered in any quantity from our store.

  • Bread and grape juice. We recommend that your team take communion each time you gather to siege. For most this can be self-administered, however, we respect different expressions of the Christian faith. Please participate in which ever way your faith calls.

  • If you are starting a new chapter, we suggest purchasing a Chapter Starter Kit, which contains everything you need to start your chapter.

during the silent siege

  • Carpool if you can.

  • Do NOT park in the abortion clinic’s parking lot as this could be considered trespassing. Park legally and respect surrounding businesses, private residences and reserved parking spaces.


  • Clearly communicate the necessary information for your gathering. It’s easy to publish your event via Facebook, social media, or by sending an email blast. You may want to ask for your pastors permission to promote the event on your church’s website as well.

  • We encourage participation from the whole Church. The movement will grow if we successfully break denominational, racial and social barriers. Try to mobilize participation from community churches and Christian organizations outside your normal sphere of contact.


  • We believe that the abortion issue is a rallying point for the entire Church. We support and encourage the pro-life movement and all non-violent strategies and approaches. The “Silent Siege” is open for participation Church-wide. We strongly encourage cross-denominational involvement. Here are the basics for anyone who wants to join in a siege:

    • Believe in the atoning work of Jesus’ blood.

    • Believe in the power of prayer and God’s call to spiritual warfare.

    • Believe abortion must end.

bad weather interacting with the news and media belligerent people connecting with local churches connecting with other pro-life organizations